The Golden Ticket

We’ve all seen Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Remember all those kids that kept getting WONKA© Bars trying to find a GOLDEN Ticket? Remember how excited they were when they opened a WONKA© Bar that contained a GOLDEN Ticket? You too can experience that excitement!

Each month, Classic Candy Box will place four GOLDEN Tickets in four random boxes. The GOLDEN Ticket will be a prepaid $25 VISA© gift card for you to use wherever you’d like. Keep subscribing to get a chance each month to be one of four that receives a GOLDEN Ticket!

How it Works

How the GOLDEN Ticket works is simple. Sign up for one month, three months, six months, or a year of Classic Candy Box subscriptions. Each month we will place a $25 prepaid VISA© gift card in four random boxes. Just like our candies each month, opening your box will contain a surprise! Did you win…or not?

If you are one of the lucky four, we invite you to tag us on social media that you won! We love seeing our subscribers excitement when they open their box and find out they won the GOLDEN Ticket!

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