Flipsticks Taffy

Flipsticks Taffy is chewy caramel stick that is 3 inches in length and comes in a variety of different flavors. These flavors are Strawberry, Sour Apple, Watermelon, Banana, Wild Cherry, and Sour Blue Raspberry. Flipsticks were created by the Katherine Beecher company.

Root Beer Barrels

Root Beer Barrels were invented in the early 1900s by pharmacist Charles Hines. Hines was the one who invented root beer after tasting Native American root tea on his honeymoon in the 1870s. After his root beer became a hit, he began making the hard candy Root Beer Barrels that we all remember enjoying as kids.

Juicy Fruit

Juicy Fruit was created by the Wrigley Company in 1893, in Chicago. The introduction of Juicy Fruit was the product that boosted the popularity of the Wrigley Company. During WWII Juicy Fruit was unavailable to the public, as they were sent off to soldiers in C-rations. C-rations were the short name of canned rations that were used when fresh food and unprepared (mess hall prepared) rations were unavailable.

Rock Candy

Rock Candy is a confectionary candy with sugar crystals. The first rock candy was invented India and Persia by Ghantewala Halwai of Dehli, the candy was called Misri. He first began selling Misri 1790. Rock candy takes 6-7 days and is formed by letting a supersaturated solution of sugar and water. The best way to make rock candy is to heat the water before adding the sugar, allowing for larger crystals.

100 Grand

100 Grand is a classic chocolate bar that has been beloved by people since it was introduced by Nestle in 1966. The chocolate bar has an interesting combination of chocolate, caramel, and crisped rice. The classic chocolate bar was named after a series of very successful game shows.

Good & Plenty

Good & Plenty is a classic licorice candy that was first produced by the Quaker City Confectionary Company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1893. Good and Plenty is considered to be the oldest candy brand in the United States. Good and Plenty is a licorice candy in a hard shell shaped into a capsule. Good and Plenty comes in pink and white tablets in a purple box.

Gold Mine Gum

This fruity and juicy gold-shape gum dates back to the early 1900’s. These little gum pieces come packaged in an authentic cloth bag miners would use back in the day.


These lollipops are the perfect treat for young children, hence the name. These candy lollipops originated from the late 1940’s. Each lollipop has a letter or number, making them educational for a great giveaway for teachers, doctors, and anyone who works with children.