Antique Candy

Ever wonder where all that candy you grew up with went? What was your favorite antique candy? If you are tired of searching the gas stations and your local grocery store for that hidden gem of a candy, look no further! Classic Candy Box has all the antique candy you love!

Nothing brings you back to your childhood like eating the antique candy of that era. Classic Candy Box delivers the antique candies of the past right to your front door. Tasting the candies of the good ole days can bring back great memories of walking down to the corner store with your friends and picking out your favorite candy to eat on the way home.

With a Classic Candy Box subscription, we deliver many of the antique candies of yesteryear. The candies that you thought were long gone are still here! Subscribe today and start reliving your childhood days through the antique candies!

What Kinds of Antique Candy Do We Have?

Classic Candy Box has ALL the antique candies. Each month, we will put in the antique throughout each decade. From Slo Pokes to Black Cows, Wax Lips to Pixie Stix, Zagnuts to Clark Bars, Zotz to Pop Rocks, we have it all! Do you have a favorite antique candy? Shoot us a message on any of our social accounts and you just might see it in your next box!

Subscribe Today!

Classic Candy Box is a monthly subscription box containing approximately 30 pieces or about 1 – 1.5 pounds of antique candy. What candies will be in your monthly box? Well that’s part of the fun! It’s all about the element of surprise! We won’t reveal what was inside each month’s box until all boxes have been shipped out. We will post the antique candies of each month on our social pages so be sure to follow us there!

Classic Candy Box is bringing back the antique candies of yesteryear. Relive your childhood days or introduce these antique candies to your kids. Subscribe today!